Who Is BHB ?

We are Children Of God first, but we go by the name "Big Headed Brothers" (BHB). BHB is a brotherhood built on the backs of those who decided to take a stand in life. Through all the hatred and wicked ways in the world these young men chose to promote a life of Love and Good Vibes! Our goal is spreading Gods love and encouragement throughout the generations. Equipped with gifts of music, film, dance, acting, and much more. We present another way to view your spiritual health as you transform into the person you were purposed to BE!!!

BHB got their first taste of production when they filmed the first season of "BHB Entertainment". This group of young creative minds came together and produced a sketch comedy movie which leaned more on the comedy side. A few years later they received revelation on redirecting the vision of this entertainment group. Instead of aiming to only entertain they decided that raising spiritual awareness needed to make its way to the mission. After making a few changes they stumbled into creating music which brought their debut mixtape, "The Sandlot". Similar to the movie it represented the humble beginnings of the squad. They dived head first into beat production, lyrics, recording, mixing and mastering trying to come up with something that would work. As the team started to get into the groove of things they took some time to learn, grow, and progress their music. 2017 brought an active year for the team as they dropped projects such as, "Chaplin", "Cino", "It's On Me EP", and "JustCauseEP". Putting focus on the music side of the company they continue to grind and produce projects good for the SOUL!

Keep on the watch as BHB continues give a different taste to what you thought was good music, tv, movies, etc. As the team continues to move forward the sky is the limit to what this group is planning and creating to shape a better future in the world!

For more information about our event booking, music, and any other questions you may have feel free to CONTACT US anytime!!


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